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Do You Need a Memory / CPU Upgrade?

Secondary Vs. Primary Memory

  • Information that needs to be saved after your system is switched off (e.g. software programmes and data files), is kept in high-capacity (but slow access) ‘secondary memory’, often called just ‘storage’ (e.g. HDDs, SSDs)
  • Information that is only needed whilst your system is actually in use is kept in low-capacity (but rapid access) ‘primary memory’, often called just ‘memory’

Volatile Primary Memory (Random Access Memory)

  • RAM is effectively your workspace - it is where information that is being actively used is temporarily stored (it is lost again when the system shuts down)
  • If there is insufficient RAM available (e.g. if too many applications are running at once), the computer uses additional ‘storage’ (e.g. from the hard-disk drive) – this is then known as ‘virtual’ memory
  • Running applications from virtual memory can affect performance, because the CPU can only process data as quickly as the virtual memory will allow
  • In this case, installing more RAM means more available workspace, so that the system is running on as little virtual memory as possible (and preferably none)
  • This in turn allows the CPU to operate at maximum efficiency, so that the computer is more responsive, especially when multi-tasking across several applications and / or handling data-intensive programs

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

  • The CPU is effectively the “go-between” that enables the computer to transfer data from storage to RAM in order to use it
  • The CPU also controls what you are able to do with the information in RAM
  • The more powerful your processor is, the faster you will be able to load and run programmes, and switch between programmes, browser windows etc.
  • If there is already sufficient RAM, adding more RAM will not speed up the system, as it is already operating to the maximum potential of the CPU
  • It is at this point that a processor upgrade might be considered to further enhance performance

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  • We actively manage our supplier relationships through a formal selection process (e.g. credit worthiness), as well as monitoring ongoing supplier performance
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