Electronic Components

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Current, end-of-life or even obsolete: high-quality electronic components, at the best possible prices...

Whether a component is currently in production, end-of-life or even obsolete, if it is out there, wherever it is and whoever is selling it, we can find it! 

  • As well as our Head Office in the UK, we have field-based Traders in the UK, EU, Asia and US, which has enabled us to develop relationships with electronic component manufacturers around the world. Each Trader’s personal relationships are shared and extended to the entire team - accessible 24/7, via our internal, bespoke trading-platform (‘WhoHasChipsTM’).
  • Coupled with our independent status, this extensive network means that we are able to scour ALL regional markets, and ALL major manufacturers, to secure high-quality electronic components for you, at the best possible prices.