High-Quality Hard Drives

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Disk Source is an ISO9001-accredited company that operates best practice in terms of ‘Quality Management’

We Eliminate Failing Tracks / Sectors

  • No HDD is error free - even new hard disk drives have error logs from the manufacturer
  • Error logs record failing sectors to enable the disk heads to avoid them
  • We rewrite the entire HDD, and compare the number of new errors with the manufacturer's original log
  • If there are a significant number of new errors logged, we will fail the drive

We Verify Functionality

We subject every drive to a 12-hour ‘Soak Test’ (operating at maximum speed) to:

  • Check the S.M.A.R.T. function (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) for impending failure
  • Analyse the drive's ability to accurately position the read / write heads
  • Write data to every sector (sequentially and randomly), and re-read to verify media integrity
  • Check the drive's controller circuitry and component function

We Repair and Restore

  • We use a wide range of both in-house, and commercially available software to repair identified faults, and restore functionality
  • We utilise stand-alone generic PC's (enabling us to run software appropriate for a particular HDD)
  • We also operate a ‘hot-swap’ multiple test system, enabling us to network & process over 1000 drives per day
  • Our Engineers are skilled in techniques such as head swap, and repair of corrupted firmware modules
  • We continually review the procedures and equipment we use in order to optimise our service

We Physically Destroy Failed HDDs / HDDs Beyond Economic Repair (BER)

  • Our secure destruction service meets British Government ‘higher-level’ security standards
  • We adhere to all relevant Environment Agency legislation
  • We recycle components in the most environmentally responsible way possible, with over 98% recovery, and 0% to landfill
  • Our ‘Destruction Certificate’ provides complete traceability
  • Our service is ISO9001 and ISO14001-accredited, and we offer £1M professional indemnity insurance