We Have Some of the Most Experienced Traders in the Industry

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Our Traders are based at our UK headquarters, and also field-based in the UK, EU, Eastern-EU, Asia and US:

Via our robust, bespoke trading-platform, accessible 24/7, they share and extend their long-standing, personal relationships with hard drive manufacturers and vendors around the world.

We Help You Avoid Costly Upgrades

  • We have rapid access to all makes, models and capacities of replacement or refurbished hard disk drives
  • We hold a large inventory ranging from state-of-the-art drives, to those that are hard-to-find, end-of-life or even obsolete
  • This gives us the greatest possible chance of matching your existing infrastructure, thereby minimising the need for costly upgrades

We Evaluate and Monitor Our Suppliers

  • Direct, long-standing relationships with manufacturers
  • Formal selection process (e.g. credit worthiness)
  • Performance metrics tracking (e.g. delivery record, on time and in full)
  • Rigorous, validated, goods-in / inspection process
  • 100% traceability using database checks, manufacturer specs, etc.
  • Periodic audits
  • Professional indemnity insurance

We Ship Daily Throughout the UK and EU

  • No matter how refined your forecasting technique/s, there will always be unforeseen (and largely unavoidable) fluctuations in demand
  • To avoid tying up your capital in uneccessarily large inventory / safety stock, we ship daily
  • We offer rapid turnaround and delivery of competitively-priced, high-quality hard drives
  • When unforeseen circumstances lead to excess stock, we can also dispose of assets via our sister company Veritas Digital Services