Solid-State Drives (SSDs)

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We Have Some of the Most Experienced Traders in the Industry

Our Traders are based at our UK headquarters (and also field-based in the UK, EU, Asia and US):

  • They have access 24/7 (via our robust, bespoke trading-platform) to the extensive global trade network we have developed with drive manufacturers and vendors
  • This means we are well placed to scour ALL regional markets, and ALL major manufacturers and vendors, to secure the SSDs you need, quickly, and at the best possible prices

HDDs offer higher capacity at a lower unit cost BUT SSDs may still be a cost-effective option:

  • All forms of solid-state memory store digital data electronically, using ‘flash memory chips’, engineered to allow memory cells to be erased in a single action, or ‘flash’
  • Unlike hard-disk drives, which store digital data magnetically, SSDs have no moving parts (hence ‘solid-state’)
  • SSDs offer certain advantages compared with HDD - improved performance, improved data security, and improved usability (see link to right of page)
  • This means that although HDDs offer higher storage capacity, at a lower unit cost, SSDs may be a cost-effective option overall