Vendor Reduction

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With over 25 years’ experience sourcing computer storage (and related electronic components), we offer single-source, streamlined access to market with:

A large, diverse network of world-class suppliers

  • To maximise volume-related price leverage
  • To maintain flexibility and healthy competition

Full-time, experienced, professional Traders

  • Traders based in US, UK, EU and Asia
  • Global Trade Network active 24 / 7
  • Long-standing supplier relationships

Vendor managed inventory

  • Inventory on-hand without the burden of ownership
  • Draw-down schedules based on ACTUAL need
  • Keeps your inventory low
  • Protects against unforeseen demand variations

Sourcing of end-of-life and / or obsolete parts

  • To fulfill service and repair requirements

Directed sourcing from specified sources

  • To maintain continuity of supply

IT Asset Disposal to reduce obsolete inventory