Vendor reduction is a growing trend…

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Over time, particularly when trading globally, large organisations often accumulate hundreds, if not thousands, of vendors. When many vendors supply the same, or very similar products, uneccessarily large supplier bases often mean that volume related discounts are not fully realised. In addition, complex logistics requiring purchasing departments to manage multiple vendors, raise multiple purchase orders, track multiple deliveries, and process multiple invoices, may be associated with significant ‘hidden’ costs (e.g. adminstrative).

Increasingly, especially driven by the economic downturn, organisations have adopted strategies to consolidate their supplier base. In many organisations vendor reduction has become standard practice due to its proven success in terms of reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency. In many cases a single point-of-contact (or ‘strategic sourcing partner’) has enabled organisations to gain competitive advantage through a more collaborative relationship.

Disk Source is an ISO9001-accredited company operating best practice ‘Quality Management’

To ensure we receive only top-quality parts, we actively manage our supplier relationships:

  • Formal selection process (e.g. credit worthiness)
  • Performance metrics tracking (e.g. delivery record, on time and in full)
  • Periodic audits

To ensure you receive authentic products, we strive to prevent and detect counterfeits:

  • Direct, long-standing relationships with manufacturers
  • Rigorous, validated, goods-in / inspection process
  • 100% traceability using database checks, manufacturer specs, etc.
  • Trained engineers on-site at all times
  • Regular monitoring of market intelligence
  • Professional indemnity insurance